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Organic Fuerte Avocado

Fuerte season starts a little earlier in January/February. Our Fuerte avocados are a great liking in the Middle East and Europe. We are exploring new markets for this variety.

Organic Hass avocado

Forever Green Growers produces the Hass variety of avocado which is in high demand in European Union (EU) markets. This cultivator is termed a “dark skinned” avocado as it turns dark purple when ready to eat. The Kenyan highlands climate is perfectly suited to high quality avocado production and our Hass product is known for its good taste and eating quality. We are also continuously looking to expand and develop further Hass avocado out growers.

Kenya Beans

Kenya beans have been popular in the European market for many years, and traded under the brand “French beans”. We produce Kenya bean with the laid down EU standards. We also organize for any specific standard that the market would require. We do have the Fine beans and the extra fine beans. Our beans are packed as per the client needs. Our Kenya beans are available throughout the year.

Baby corn

Our baby corns are available throughout the year. They are produced and packed to specific client requirements.


Available throughout the year.

Mange tout

Available throughout the year.

Snow peas

Available throughout the year.

Sugar snaps

Available throughout the year.


Available throughout the year.